All roads lead to frösundavik

Gate:01 offers an excellent communications hub, just a stone’s throw from Norrtull, the north part of the city. It’s also easy to get here with a wide range of transport options.

Easy to get here.
Easy to get away.

Gate:01 in Frösundavik offers a dizzying array of transport possibilities to and from the building and area. You can take a car, bus, bike, commuter train, airport bus, crossline tram or our own electric shuttle bus. You can also take a boat or kayak to work as we have our own dock right next to the house. Or why not walk to work and enjoy a stroll through beautiful Haga Park on the way. Below we’ve listed some of the most common modes of transport. Which path will be yours?

Time for departure

Here you can follow all departures from Gate:01 in Frösundavik in real time.

Pendeltåg Solna station

41Södertälje centrum21:30
40Södertälje centrum21:45
40Uppsala C21:45
41Södertälje centrum22:00

Tvärbana Solna station


Tunnelbana - Blå linjeSolna Centrum

11Kungsträdgården7 min
11Akalla8 min
11Kungsträdgården22 min
11Akalla23 min

Buss Frösunda strand

57Sofia via Solna stn & Odenplan21:35
57Frösundavik26 min

Buss Frösunda port

509Solna centrum3 min
57Frösundavik24 min
509Danderyds sjukhus21:55

Tunnelbana - Röd linjeBergshamra

14Fruängen4 min
14Mörby centrum5 min
14Mörby centrum15 min
14Mörby centrum25 min

Buss Frösunda

176Mörby station4 min
526Sollentuna station21:38
177Skärvik9 min
177Mörby station17 min
526Karolinska sjukhuset19 min
176Stenhamra25 min
57Frösundavik25 min


  Destination VARDAGAR
Frösundavik–Solna stn 07-09:30
Frösundavik–Solna stn 15-18