Major focus on the environment

When Gate:01 was first built, it was well ahead of its time in terms of eco-friendly systems and design. Building on that legacy, we’ve continued to refurbished and improved the property at a rapid pace, adding the latest technology to make the building extremely climate-smart.

45,000 climate-smart square meters

When Gate:01 was built, it was already a forerunner in terms of sustainability and environmental solutions. Perhaps the most innovative and exciting solution was the use of the groundwater reservoir located under the house, a so-called aquifer (see separate text below). But to achieve sustainable environmental development, it is important to work continuously with improvements in energy performance. And this is where a lot has happened in recent years at Gate:01. Among other things, the aquifer system has been modernized and the waste heat from the ventilation is now recovered with new efficient heat exchangers. The building’s electric radiators have also been replaced with hot water heating. And all electricity to the building now comes exclusively from wind power. During the last year, we’ve also replaced the entire glass roof in the building, an extensive project that offers many advantages. In addition to the new glasses being highly energy efficient and not leaking as much heat, the indoor climate is now more consistent and pleasant all year round.

Below you can see some pictures from the extensive glass project.

Environmentally certified? Excellent!

Thanks to the building’s environmental benefits, Gate:01 was earlier classified as “Very good” according to the international environmental certification BREAM – a very high rating for an existing building. But as a result of all projects improving the energy efficiancy throughout building and the replacement of the glass ceiling, we have now earned the even higher classification of “Excellent”! Naturally we are proud of this advancement, but we continue to work tirelessly on new projects aimed at reducing energy use and environmental impact. Today, making a contribution to reducing climate impact is the most important environmental challenge we face.

Great foundation

When Gate:01 was built, it was decided to use the large groundwater source under the building. Technically referred to as an “acquifier”, this build-in feature is now used both to cool the building in the summer and heat it in the winter. And because that form of energy storage is very efficient, it means that the building has generates very low carbon dioxide emissions compared to many other forms of heating and cooling.