A better way to meet.

Grand visions. Everyday decisions. A meeting can have many purposes. In-person or online. Small or large. But whatever the need, Gate:01’s state-of-the-art conference facility Meeting:Labs give you every opportunity to carry out brilliant meetings – and then some! All without having to leave the building.

Borrow state-of-the-art meeting rooms when you need them.

Are you planning your autumn marketing plan with your closest colleague? Or have the annual general meeting with your shareholders? Welcome to Meeting:Labs! In this 570 square-meter-space, you’ll find seven fully equipped and flexible meeting rooms for all needs. All of which are free to borrow for our tenants! The possibilities are endless. You can meet up in everything from cozy rooms for six people to a huge auditorium with room for 150 participants.

It’s smart to borrow meeting rooms when you need them. By avoiding having a lot of conference rooms of your own (which are often empty), you save valuable office space – and a lot of money. In Meeting:Labs you can keep a 100% focus on the meeting itself. We take care of everything else.

Conference facility 2.0

Meeting:Labs is no ordinary conference venue. Here we’re talking about “Meetings2.0,” an all-inclusive space designed to inspire and facilitate seamless meetings between people. When creating this venue, we really aimed for the stars – in everything from interior design to furniture solutions. It goes without saying that you’ll find the latest state-of-the-art technology, including large screens, high-resolution cameras, and smart microphones. In other words, the perfect place to invite colleagues from Norrköping, patch in customers in Nice and or bring together suppliers in New York.

Are you a large group that will participate on site? Will you need to split up for break-out sessions or exercises in small groups? No problem. You can easily rent several rooms and divide up when needed. Some rooms can also be joined to allow more people to participate. 100% flexible.

Access to Meeting:Labs is included in the building’s service package and you can easily book via the reception. Of course, we are also at your service with everything you need for the perfect meeting. We can arrange coffee, breakfast and lunch, among other things. In short, an all-inclusive package.

Mix the possibilities to maximize the meetings

Why settle for a one-off standard meeting when you can combine Meeting:Labs with Gate:01’s other great opportunities? Start the morning with a wonderful yoga session before the morning workshop. Then enjoy lunch on the pier before you sit down in the auditorium for the afternoon lecture. When the brain cells are overflowing, you can then relax for a while in one of our lounges before being picked up by the boat that takes you to the Archipelago restaurant. In short, you can create your own extraordinary meeting with “extra everything.” All made possible by Gate:01, Sweden’s best conference, meeting and event facility.

Stockholm’s most climate-smart meetings?

Just as Meeting:Labs is designed to inject the maximum amount of energy into your meetings, it’s also designed conserve on energy. An unbeatable combination, right? As is the case in the rest of the building, we strive to make our meeting facility as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible – today and in the future. And of course, the meeting rooms are named after climate-smart energy sources.


Seating capacity: 26, Screens: 3

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Seating capacity: 24, Screens: 1

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Seating capacity: 24, Screens: 1

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Water + Wave

Seating capacity: 48, Screens: 2

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Seating capacity: 8, Screens: 1

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Seating capacity: 10, Screens: 1

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Seating capacity: 18, Screens: 2

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Seating capacity: 148, Screens: 1

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Ready to rock?