Frösundavik changes name to Gate:01

Frösundavik is changing its name to Gate:01

Sweden’s possibly best office building is finally getting its own name. It has previously often been called the SAS building as it was originally built as the SAS headquarters. But as a number of other companies have moved in, the building has come to be called “Frösundavik” after the geographical location. But from now on we are giving the building its own name: Gate:01

The name is inspired partly by the fact that the design of the property brings to mind an airport, which was architect Niels Torp’s original idea and partly because it can symbolically be seen as a “gate” between many different things; Wellness/Business, Nature/City, Traffic Routes/Haga Park.

“We saw the potential early on with this office building, which is located in the scenic Haga Park at Brunnsviken. Even though you have nature and greenery all around you, you are not far away from the city. It only takes a few minutes to Norrtull and if you come by car from the north, you turn off before the traffic queues to the city start, says Hansi Danroth, senior partner at Mengus.

Over the years, the building has gone from having a good location to having an absolutely fantastic location, largely thanks to its magical location in the middle of the Royal National City Park. More and more companies have begun to understand the importance of offering their employees a place where work and well-being go hand in hand. Clear proof of this is that Gate:01 was the first building in Sweden to be wellness certified according to Fitwel, a certification that focuses on people’s well-being.

“Gate:01’s location in Frösundavik contributes to an active lifestyle. By offering, among other things, a bicycle garage with new changing rooms, a super-modern gym and sports hall in the building, use of kayaks, canoes and SUPs as well as a tennis court and soon an indoor padel court, we try to make it as easy as possible for our tenants to fit exercise into everyday life. Physical activity leads to reduced ill health, which in turn leads to happier and healthier employees with reduced sick leave rates as a result,” says Hansi Danroth.

Everyday life also becomes easier with the office at Gate:01. By having a service level beyond the ordinary, you save both time and energy. Examples of such facilities available in the building are a garage, car wash, café, hairdresser, restaurant, kitchen for brought food, lounge, common reception, loading dock, conference facility with auditorium, Instabox for packages, etc.

“All these built-in facilities, which we sometimes call “All-inclusive”, mean that you save a lot of time and energy. You can get a haircut, pick up packages, train in groups, get the car washed, have lunch, coffee and confer during the working day,” says Hansi Danroth. These are things that are greatly appreciated by both employers and employees.

So far, over 25 international companies have understood the benefits of having an office where people can grow and feel good – and that it is a key to a prosperous company.

“We are still only at the beginning of our journey in Frösundavik,” explains Hansi Danroth. The area is 270,000 sqm and we see great development potential for more Gate buildings, a public bathing area and other activities aimed at both the tenants of the building and the public.

Meeting:Labs, the building’s state-of-the-art conference facility