Andritz Katharina

“The best way to work is by sea.”

Katharina Wendelius, Andritz

“If there’s a dock, then I can take a boat here – okay, we’ll take the office!” said Katharina Wendelius, project administrator at Andritz, jokingly when she was first shown around Gate:01. Our response: “You and your company are warmly welcome!” For Katharina, who lives on an island off outside Lidingö, it all made perfect sense. From her home, it now only takes 20 minutes to get to work by sea, compared to just over an hour by public transport.

She thinks it is an incredible feeling of freedom to go out on the lake and avoid the rush hour traffic. Most of all, she likes the boat trip when the weather is nice. Now it doesn’t feel too tough to slip away in the morning with a sandwich and coffee in hand. For Katharina, the office building’s jetty was one of the benefits of being located in Gate:01. Other benefits that attracted her were the all-inclusive concept, the proximity to nature and the ease of getting to work, even if you don’t go by boat.