Björn Borg

“We like fast pulse at work.”

Henrik Bunge, Björn Borg

Working out is deeply embedded in Henrik Bunge’s DNA. Six days a week, between 11-12, he hits the gym. As CEO of Björn Borg, his fitness philosophy is a natural part of the corporate culture. Here, everyone is convinced that you can become a better version of yourself by staying in shape. Every Friday, for one hour, they close their office and have a joint workout session. The health benefits are evident not only at the individual level but also at the company level.

The company moved to Gate:01 this summer. They were looking for an office that was close to both the city pulse and nature, and where there were good training opportunities. And since Gate:01 is Sweden’s first Fitwel-certified office complex – with its own tennis court, large sports hall, kayaks and stand-up paddle boards to borrow as well as a state-of-the-art gym and the entire Haga Park at your doorstep – the choice was easy. An offer like this doesn’t exist anywhere else, says Henrik.