Pharma Relations

“Here we get the same service as a really big company.”

Fredrik Anjou, PharmaRelations

When the Life Science company PharmaRelations was searching for a more representative location, they decided to go for Gate:01 in Frösundavik. For years, the company’s CEO, Fredrik Anjou, had driven past the spectacular house in the middle of Haga Park and always thought it would make a great office. In August, they moved into bright rooms with large windows, which gives them a panoramic view of the changing seasons.

Not only did the move please their employees, but it impressed their customers. According to Fredrik, it’s not uncommon to hear customers say “wow” when they step into the building. Another thing that Fredrik appreciates about Gate:01, apart from the timeless and modern architecture, is the high service level in the building. Here he and his employees have access to all the amenities that otherwise only larger listed companies can offer.