“Here, our company can grow and prosper.”

Nina Jönsson, Plantagen

When Nina Jönsson, CEO of Plantagen, a chain of garden centers and flower shops, took the elevator up to the seventh floor for the first time, it reminded her of being in a greenhouse. With light streaming into the glassed-in courtyard and a stunning view of the park, she instantly felt that this is a place where you can flourish – both as a person and as a company. In other words, the ideal environment for a company whose vision is to become the Nordic region’s most glorious greenhouse.

She also appreciates that there are plenty of opportunities to meet up and socialize in the building. Thanks to a large common area – which includes a lounge, café and external meeting rooms – Plantagen can thrive and add people without having to change offices. One of her favorite places is the large sun deck outside the restaurant. Weather permitting, she brings her food with her and enjoys the atmosphere out by the small point – and thinks about growth!