Plaza Magazine Jesper

“Innovative interior design inspires me.”

Jesper Tillberg, Editor-in-Chief
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“I’m a design fanatic who’s also responsible for breathing life into the exciting design stories published in several of Plaza’s magazines,” says Jesper Tillberg. “So, it’s super inspiring for me to be working in a property with common spaces decorated with design classics from the legendary Vitra Design. It adds a touch of the creative golden age to your everyday life. Sinking back into an original Petit Repos armchair, designed by Antonio Citterio, is a great way to summon the strength to write another magazine editorial about design.

But more than just the interior design, the building itself is an architectural milestone. It was designed Niels Torp, the famous Norwegian architect who won the prestigious Swedish Kasper Salin Design Prize and who also designed British Airways’ headquarters at Heathrow. Not surprisingly, the layout feels a bit like an airport gateway, where thoughts and ideas can both land and soar. Please fasten your seat belts and get ready for a creative take off.”