Plaza Magazine

“It’s just honking and driving.”

Jenny Nilsson, Plaza Magazine

Just over a year after Aimo, the electric car sharing service, entered the Swedish market, Gate:01 will have its own Aimo hub. Someone who’s extra “charged up” about this is Jenny Nilsson at Plaza Magazine. What attracts her is the simplicity of the service and the possibility to do something good for the environment. All Jenny needs to do is to pre-book a car via the app, drive away and park the car when the trip is over.

Everything else is taken care of by Aimo. Right now, there are 300 electric Aimo cars around Stockholm, which is the first in the world with this concept. After that, the idea is that the service will be launched in the rest of Europe, and then the rest of the world. “It feels great to be involved and drive the car driving of the future forward. You don’t even need a car key,” concludes Jenny.