“Here are all the possibilities for an active lifestyle.”

Lisette Andersson, SAS

Lisette Andersson is Executive Assistant at SAS who works with communication and events. She is an active woman who recently finished her first Swedish Classic circuit– a collection of four of the longest and oldest races in the world (swimming, cycling, running and skiing). Working at Gate:01 enables Lisette to stay on top of her fitness routines. For example, she appreciates that it is so convenient to have your own gym in the building.

Either she does a workout before work or slips down to the gym when she’s got an opening in her schedule. Because Gate:01 is located in Haga Park with several excellent running trails. Lisette likes to lace up her shoes and take either a full lap around the 13 km trail past Haga Castle or a shorter loop. For her, the best thing about working at Gate:01 is ability to have an active life. For you, maybe something else will make Gate:01 the perfect workplace.