Shibuya Crossing

“Here there is always life and movement.”

Kjell Olsson, Shibuya Crossing

In 2016, the moving vans for Shibuya Crossing departed from Kista, a tech hub further north of Stockholm, to Gate:01 in Frösundavik. The company, which provides services and solutions for advanced IT infrastructure, wanted to move closer to the city and be in a more strategic location. The fact that they chose Gate:01 is not surprising. Here they are in the middle of the scenic Haga Park, just outside the tolls to the city and right next to the E4 highway.

In other words, perfect for a company that needs to be able to reach its customers quickly. CEO Kjell Olsson also says that the atmosphere in the house felt really good. Often, many of their 30 employees are out on assignments, which means that the office can sometimes feel a bit deserted. At such times, it is especially appreciated by the staff to work in a building that is buzzing with life and movement in the common areas of the light courtyard, the café and restaurant.