The building


A building designed for wellbeing

Gate:01 is built to encourage inspiring interactions between people, in close contact with the stunning natural surroundings.

Meetings are in the building’s DNA

At Gate:01 we believe in the power of human interaction to spark new ideas, open possibilities, and drive progress. This may partly explain why so many companies tell us they thrive in their offices and the surrounding environment. It’s that creative and mix of varied activities every day, events and inclusive venues popping up after work and more, that creates that magic backdrop. It’s a feeling that’s difficult to put into words and simply must be experienced onsite.

An architectural landmark

Gate:01 is an architectural landmark located in Haga Park, the world’s largest national city park (27 sq km / 10 sq miles) just north of the Stockholm. Originally designed as the head office for SAS, the building now hosts some 25 different companies. Gate:01’s signature trademark is its light, spacious and airy feeling close to nature. With its spacious glass windows, glassed-in central courtyard and lush indoor plants, the architectural design serves to blur the lines between outdoors and indoors. Extending outward from the central courtyard, the wings of the office building resemble the arrival and departure halls of an airport – one of the reasons why the building is called Gate:01.

A building bathed in light

We all need natural light to feel good. It impacts our mental health, helps us produce vitamin D and even improves our workplace performance. Yet studies show that most of us spend 90% of our times indoors – which makes the availability of daylight indoors even more important. At Gate:01, thanks to the large glass windows everywhere and glassed-in central courtyard, you can honestly say that the entire building is bathed in light. Step inside and it feels like you’re in a greenhouse or orangery. This feeling is further enhanced by loads of lush plants in the lounge area, which creates a fantastic feeling, especially in the winter months. This is “feng shui” for real!